“Radchem" Company“Radchem” Limited Liability Company and Partnership /LLCP/ produces and provides a full trading service of a wide range of chemical solvents and other derivative products. Presently our company has gained a stronger and more established position in the market, and as a result is recognized as a trusted, reliable partner in business. This is the result of the constant care we take of our clients by meeting their requirements, raising our personnel skills and qualifications and appropriate product quality.

We aim to offer to those clients who care not only about competitive prices, but also about professional service and individual approach to each client.

Our history:

The company Rad Export-Import was established in 1993. Initially it dealt in the production of clothing, as well as designing and assembling PET bottle production lines for clients in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. Having met market demands, we expanded our profile by launching solvents, emulsifying liquids, inks, colorants and paints for the printing, chemical, construction and cosmetic industries. Another step in the development of the company was the transformation of its legal status to that of a Limited Liability Company and Partnership /LLCP/, which has enabled us to improve our internal processes and subsequently our efficiency.

Our mission:

Our activity to date coupled with the achievements we have made indicate our dedication to customer satisfaction. Our team works for the client’s success, whose satisfaction is our greatest priority.